What are the service explanations of CFS services rendered within your terminal services?

Container Examination and Sampling Service;

It is checking of the goods within the container by opening it by the customs house to adjust whether they conform to the written declarations of the liable person.

Complete Adjusting Service of a Container;

The operation of discharging the goods from the container by the customs house to adjust weather the goods conform to the declaration or reloading them back to the container following the counting of the goods.

Inner Filling Operation of a Container;

The operation of filling the container and stacking pallets, parcels and the like type of vessels neatly and in a planned way into the container in accordance with the demand and the declaration of the customer, following the customs house transactions at cfs area.

Inner Discharge Operation of a Container;

The operation of discharging and loading of the vehicle the goods in the container by workers or by using a forklift under customer or his representative surveillance (customs brokers), following the customs house and harbor procedures.

Container Weighing Service;

The operation of conveying the container from the stacking by harbor’s vehicles in front of the storeroom in accordance with the forwarder’s demand with regard to partial containers.

Transferring Service Container Warehouse;

Based on the demand for containers forwar partial container stack in front of the port warehouse by means of the transfer service.