What are the procedures to be followed up for the clearance of the personal effects from the terminal?

The procedures to be done for the clearance procedures of the relevant goods when the personal effects arrive from abroad to the harbor in the name of the person:

At the first stage the owner of the goods must submit a petition addressed to the Ambarli Custom House Administration, where the list of the goods to be imported is being written. Having the record and remittance procedures be done at the Customs House Administration with regard to this petition, what comes next is to have his declaration be registered with the Customs House. Then he has to present the relevant declaration to the Customs inspection officer. Thus if the inspection officer finds it necessary, he makes the actual control of the personal effects which are in the container or taken into the storeroom and then closes the declaration. For the exit of the goods, a gate permit should be taken from the Storehouse customs officer and having presented it to the harbor operation officer to subtract it, the vehicle is being taken inside after its registered plate is being recorded at the harbor’s gate entrance. If the related goods are at the storehouse, the vehicle is being taken to the cfs area of the storehouse. If the goods are within the container, the inner discharge is being made and then the goods are loaded on the vehicle. As soon as the covering record are being made, the exit of the goods from the gate is being realized by showing the gate permit. The documents to be prepared at and be presented to the customs house for the exit of the personal effects: Documents which are to be prepared at the customs house; Petition, List of goods Declaration Documents required by the Customs House: Transportation Certificate, Entry – Exit list, Passport (original) Certificate of Residence Copy of Incidents Public Registration If married, the passport of the spouse (original)