Warehouse Tariff

Service NameExplanationUnit price
Warehouse storage Unit Price x CW x Day$ 12,50
Warehouse Terminal Serv.(CW)Unit Price x CW$ 10
Warehouse Terminal Serv.(Pallet)Unit Price x Pallet$ 11,50
Warehouse Inspection Serv.(Pallet)Unit Price x Pallet$ 11,50 + VAT
Warehouse Inspection Labor Serv. (Person)Unit Price x Person$ 26 + VAT
Warehouse Terminal Labor Serv. (Person)Unit Price x Person$ 26 + VAT
Warehouse Full Inspection Labor Serv. (Person)Unit Price x Person$ 60 + VAT
Car Storage(Unit)Unit Price x Unit x Day$ 120
Warehouse Terminal Serv.(Heavy Unit) (B/L)Unit Price x Unit$ 240
Warehouse  Weighing Serv. (Pallet)Unit Price x Pallet$ 20
Warehouse X -Ray Serv. (Pallet)Unit Price x Pallet$ 20
Warehouse Weighing Truck (Unit)Unit Price x Unit$ 10 + VAT
Truck strippingUnit Price x Piece$ 100 + VAT
Trailer StrippingUnit Price x Piece$ 120 + VAT
Pallets for saleUnit Price x Unit$ 8 + VAT

What is Chargeable Weight (CW) ? 

Chargeable weight is  the value used to determine the cost of your shipment. The volume of the cargo is divided by 3 and compared with the weight. Whichever is bigger is used as 'Chargeable Weight". The higher weight is used to calculate the transportation and storage cost.

If the chargeable weight is less than 1, The cargo is considered as 1. < 
If the cargos are dangerous, 20% is added to the above mentioned services per transaction.  
Terminal (Heavy Unit) is valid for the piece of cargo which is 4 ton and over.   
Extra Terminal transferring service is invoiced for the inspections and full inspections in the warehouse.  
Invoices are issued in TL currency over the Foreign Exchange Currency Sales Rate of the Central Bank.  
Invoice amount is the basis for the service price calculations. Please do not  forget to recheck the amounts.