Management Policy

Our Integrated Management Systems and Accident Prevention Policy

As Kumport Liman Hizmetleri ve Lojistik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. Management Team, we aim at offering port services at high standards as the regional logistics base of the global container transportation and creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders through the Integrated Management Systems that we have developed in line with our vision, mission and values.

In line with this purpose, we undertake to;

  1. Carry out our activities in accordance with the legislation, ethical principles, national and international standards as to port business, 

  2. Improve ourselves in the field of port services management, infrastructure and technologies all the time,

  3. Perform our works perfectly, implement creative and innovative practices to serve expectations of customer at the top level,

  4. Provide high level efficient and continuous protection for prevention of accidents, minimization of damages of possible accidents to people and environment,

  5. Obtain information about events with an accident potential occurred at other organizations through the technological developments and our experiences within the organization and evaluate risks within the organization,

  6. In case of an accident, define tasks and responsibilities at all levels and train all our employees and sub-employers having responsibility in the cases of emergency,

  7. Manage risks to reduce them to an acceptable level including operation of hazardous substances,

  8. Make systematic evaluation in all processes to define dangers and extinguish in all components of the operation,

  9. Make emergency plans to reduce effects of accidents on people and environment and review plans systematically,

  10. Prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases and continuously improve our occupational safety performance,

  11. Prevent adverse environmental impacts occurred during our activities,

  12. Give priority to the sustainability aspect in our activities and contribute in environment, public and human health,

  13. Increase awareness of our personnel and implement and continuously develop the requirements of the Management Systems Standards through participation of all our employees.


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