Upon the merge of two separate customs bonded yards the Kumport External Terminal which was used as a separate stacking area was joined by the overpass project creating one single customs bonded terminal. From a customs point of view this merge simplified both terminal operations and customers access to containers.

As the terminal is now merged into a single customs bonded area customers’ containers may gate in or gate out via either one of three gates and the traffic load may be dispersed amongst these gates. This has provided a great convenience for operations, import and export gate transactions and trucking companies.

Time losses have been prevented and customs procedures simplified. By means of the multi gate feature congestion has been overcome. Internal container tranfer haulage is perfomed 24/7 allowing a comfortable stacking and movement possibilities for the terminal operations.

Our Yard has 750 reefer plug. 2000 kVA transformer station with 6 pieces total of 480 new reefer reefer reefer capacity of the new platform for connectivity and ports are planned to be done. Port reefer plug connection is aimed to increase capacity in order to meet customer demands. The project, initiated by the end of 2011 was completed in May 2012.

In the year 2010 3 MHC’s were transformed from diesel to electric saving %65-70 running costs. Thereby we may proceed with our services without causing any damage to the environment. On december 2012 8 new RTG’s were purchased and added to the administration. At the beginning of 2013 the project started firstly when 8 RTG’s were transformed from diesel to electric. Besides this the conductor bar system was installed in all RTG areas.

The reinforcement works on pier 1 commenced in order to deem the pier suitable for utilization of SSG cranes. Besides the reinforcement project the last order of 50 new Sumitomo fenders was delivered and fitted in August allowing Suezmax vessels to berth safely. In 2011 pier 2 was extended by 54 m. In order for longer vessels to berth here the pier reached 420 m.

In the years 2008-2009 the reclamation project was realised. The sea draft was aimed to cater for both Post Pnamax and Suezmax type vessels. Simultaneous to the reinforcement project on pier 1, an area of 380 m besides the pier was dredged upto -15.5 m and completed on 6 th september 2012. Since 15 th september 2012 the remaining inclining areas were rectified.

The 6250 KVA electrical power capacity of Kumport was increased to 20,000 KVA with the integration of additional electrical equipment. A new transformer centre was created.

The operational activities performed inside the terminal were transferred to a computerised environment, operational income items derived from terminal events are invoiced, logging of events in accordance with customs regulations and communication with agents is now effectuated. Managerial reports may be generated in order to assist in preparing analysis for the company’s development. On 03.02.2013 an upgrade on Kumsoft TOS was effected including ‘Truck Module’ which has now bcome integrated.

Communication between the terminal and agents is performed with Standard EDIFACT file formats (BAPLIE, CODECO, COSTCO, COPRAR, MOVINS, COPARN and COARRI). EDI file transfer provides faster data service and minimizes errors.

In consideration of the requirement of our customers’ need to search for information the ‘Interactive Data Enquiry System’ was finalised and rendered to service by means of the kiosk devices in the terminal. Our customers may reach and even obtain print extracts of container records, wieghbridge results, gate transactions etc by means of two kiosks located in the Customer Services Department. This service will also soon be available in the web environment thereby customers will be able to perform their work over the internet. As a result of the kiosk integration and the intense utilization of them by customers indicates the customer satisfaction on this service.

It is monitored 24/7 with the latest technology camera system.

Within our own staff we have one nurse, one workplace doctor, health officer available on each shift 24/7 and a fully fitted ambulance on hand.