Introduction and History


Kumport Container Terminal is strategically located on the European Side of Istanbul, 22 miles west of the Istanbul Strait. Kumport Terminal, which is leading gateway serving for local cargo, has excellent links to and from the hinterland.

Kumport commenced terminal operations in 1994 with general cargo and then started to handle containers in 1996. Kumport is directly connected to more than 140 locations on five continents. 488.000 square meters of terminal area, 2.174 meters total quay length, 16.5 meters draft, 3 main berths between 370 to 450 meters and 22 row outreach quay cranes make Kumport one of the most capable terminal in Turkey.  Modern Warehouses of 10.400 square meters dedicated facilites for value-added services and Kumport Logistics Park support Kumport to satifsy all logistics needs of its customers.

Kumport has successfully pursued the vision of adding value to all aspects of port operations and meeting existing and future commercial shipping requirements. This involves maintaining high customer service, operational and environmental standarts to respond to the needs of our stakeholders shippers as well as the shipping and logistics sector.

Kumport employs the most advanced technologies and the equipment of the highest quality and productivity in its operations , significantly reducing berth time with ultra modern cranes. Kumport accomodates 7 state of the art ZPMC large QC. Given the fast growth of Turkey's local market and transshipment traffic between Turkey, 2 new QCs with 24 rows outreach and 8 RTGs will be on duty soon.

We aim sustainable growth together with our clients and stakeholders.
We invite you to new challenges to make a future together.


To be the leader among port operators in Turkey at quality / process / cost management. Maintaining profitability at all market conditions and to grow using agile and innovative approaches to be among Turkey’s top three port operators continuously.


To be a regional logistic hub of global container liner shipping industry to provide port and terminal services with outstanding standards to create sustainable values for our stakeholders.