EDI Data Communication

Data communication standard file formats, (BAPLIE, CODECO, COSTCO, COPRAR, MOVINS, COPARN and COARRI) allow the realization of EDI services. EDI file exchange services are also provided faster and minimize errors.

Edifact Messages

By means of scheduled automated 2 way (send & recieve) EDI message communication methodology we may provide the customer with all in and out gate transactions, vessel discharge and loading movements, stuff and strip events, booking information (including both full and empty arrival data), vessel preplans and detailed loading plan information. The file transfer technology is rendered safe and secure by means of dedicated IP adresses and advanced firewall and antivirus technology. Presently our EDI traffic has surpassed 1000 messages per day and has an impressive increasing trend. All other and any EDIFACT messages may be generated, designed and scheduled upon the customers request.