Container Services

Vessel discharge and loading vessel discharging and loading operations are performed on all current berths. Container handling services may be rendered to vessels upto 400 m long on our berths. Kumport continues container handling services non-stop 365 days and 24 hours.

In the current terminal 4 separate CFS areas have been allocated to serve the various requests of our customers. An appointment System is applied in our CFS areas which enables the container to be available at the planned time.

Container storage services are provided in customs bonded areas. The storage areas are held under constant camera observation. The level of lighting and security has been improved by extensive yard works.

Plugging services for reefer containers to the electric supply and temperature monitoring services are being rendered. With 750 (upgradable to 1000) reefer plugs, monitoring of operational status and temperature of the reefer containers is being continuously observed by authorized personnel 24 hours per day.

Transhipment, loading and discharge services are provided for the containers stored on the yard.

Upon the request of the vessel or the agency, before and after the discharge and the loading operations the lashing and unlashing services are being provided on the vessel. For the containers stuffed in the terminal, the most appropriate material choice is being made and qualified cargo securing services are being rendered to ensure that the cargo may be delivered to the consignee without any damage.